Timon of Athens is a corrupted text, of indeterminate history, questionable sources, and a dubious relationship to the respected canon. That is to say, it mirrors my own position within the art world perfectly. – Craig Drennen

Since 2008, Craig Drennen has organized his studio practice around the play Timon of Athens, written by William Shakespeare.  It is considered to be Shakespeare’s most difficult work—probably unfinished.  Drennen chose “failed” works not because he has any interest in abject themes, but because their obscurity creates uninhabited cultural bandwidth that he can occupy without incident.

He is proceeding through the cast of characters listed in the dramatis personae beginning with the minor characters. For each character he produces a distinct body of work based on contemporary associations for that character. The final result will be a collection of related works comprised of separately considered parts.

At Florida Mining, Drennen will continue by presenting new work from the Painter, Servant, and Old Athenian, characters, along with a performance dedicated to the character of Apemantus. Previously, he has created work for the following characters: Mistress, Flattering Lords. The Masquers, Old Athenian, Painter, and Several Servants.

Craig Drennen’s works have been exhibited in more than 85 solo and group shows and featured in publications including Artforum, Art in America, and The New York Times. Along with his multimedia works, Drennen is an internationally acclaimed arts writer and currently teaches drawing and painting at Georgia State University. In addition, Drennen is on the board of directors of ART PAPERS magazine and editorial advisor for the visual art site BURNAWAY.


  •  Artist Talk on March 20, 2014 time and location TBD
  • Opening reception will be held at Florida Mining on March 21, 2014 at 7 p.m.