AboutOur Mission / Artist Submissions

Florida Mining Gallery is owned by longtime artist and gallerist Steve Williams. Williams is also the president of Harbinger and has charged the company with a philanthropic mission that includes enhancing Florida culture and celebrating art and design in the Jacksonville area.

“Florida Mining provides a venue for artists to mount exhibitions, have conversations, explore ideas, and push boundaries. More outlets to lead to the generation of more conversations. Ideas foster a community for artists to sustain a livelihood and a vibrant art community can attract aesthetically and spiritually stimulating artists while creating an attractive cultural inventory to bring business and tourism to Jacksonville.” -Steve Williams

Our gallery team recently partnered with the nullspace curatorial project to bring increasingly exciting and invigorating programming to our gallery space that will incite visitors and art buyers to expand their vision of what is possible through a superlative art experience. Placing the right art in your home or workplace can spark imagination, challenge ideation, and create a more satisfying and encouraging environment. We hope to help you find that work or at least propel your search.

If you are interested in learning more about our collection or purchasing any of the work you see in our gallery or on this website, please contact gallery coordinator Gabe Wise by emailing him at gabe@floridamininggallery.com or leave a message at(904) 859-9575.

To be considered for an exhibition, please send 10-20 images, a resume (or CV), artist statement and any press clips to:

Florida Mining Gallery
Attn: Art Submissions
5300 Shad Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32257